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"Let all you do be done in love"

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hi im karson and im a loser
dont be afraid to leave a comment! i may take some time to respond but i would love talking to you.
And if you need a shot of encouragement, also dont hesitate to comment or note me! I would love the chance to help you out or just be there to listen.

loves : jesus, art, cats, people, brendon urie

× dislikes : dogs, bugs, heat, candy corn



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HEY THERE I see you've come across my best friend's page!!

I'd just like to share a few words about them so you can understand what an incredible person they are! We first met back in our Warrior cats weeb days (shudders) and I thought we were friends after one conversation rip 10-year-old me
We never talked much outside of me commissioning her until she made this poll asking about names, and somehow we got off topic and ended up talking about this app game called Grilly the Cheese?? Her last words to me that night was:
"thank you for being my friend today, I hope this random conversation continues with the note because usually I can't keep a new dA friend for more than a day //shot"

Even though we have our differences, she's always been there for me and has truly become the best friend I've ever had. We've learned so many things from each other.
We've talked almost every day since then and it means so much to me to have such a kind, loving friend like Karson. She's helped pick me up through my troubles and I've helped her to my best abilities. I really suck at writing these things but she's truly an amazing person and words cannot describe how important she is to me and how much I love her. I hope we remain friends through it all, and any problems that arise between us can be fixed and made right.
You're the best person I've ever met and I love you so so much Karson!!


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What if I auctioned off an animated icon or two 

7 deviants said How bout it
5 deviants said Who would bid at all


Aug 28, 2016
8:36 am
Aug 27, 2016
7:52 pm
Aug 27, 2016
6:00 am
Aug 27, 2016
2:43 am
Aug 26, 2016
7:59 pm




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comms: closed!
trades: maybe
requests: closed

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my children

shiny pkmn

since i've recently discovered my true love for shiny pokemon and shiny hunting, i am taking suggestions on which shinies i should hunt next and giving them away. so if you have any suggestions, pls comment on my page and let me know!

here is a list of the current shiny pokemon i have that i'm willing to give away:

- wailmer (m) lv 40
- magmar (f) lv 30
- liepard (f) lv 30
- lombre (f) lv 37
- simisear (m) lv 1
- linoone (m) lv 31
- plusle (m) lv 68
- altaria (m) lv 44

i plan to get a lot more of course, but these are the only ones im willing to give up for now.

again, if you have suggestions on what shinies i should get, comment on my page! i might get the shiny and give it to you : D

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